Benefits of our members

  • Lobbying and negotiations with government representatives of Fiscal, Customs and International Trade sectors, among others.
  • Local and national representation before Customs, Economy Department, COFEPRIS, SAT, STPS, IMSS, INFONAVIT, INAMI.
  • Guidance on proceedings and registrations needed to operate customs and commercial trade of IMMEX companies.
  • Support with tax returns at a national level, a derivate of the agreement Index-SAT in this subject.
  • Help reaching new suppliers with our “Business Link”.
  • Publish your job openings in the Association’s job center,
  • Educational agreements with different academic institutions in the interest of associates IMMEX.
  • Continuous monitoring, reports regarding industrial environment and changes in statutory and regulatory aspects.
  • Monthly meetings with associates to share the strategic vision of our industry,
    current plans and projects, progress and benefits achieved.
  • Focused training to develop competences and skills to promote competitiveness of our associates.
  • Sent alerts and newsletters regarding the fulfillment of assorted obligations for
    the companies.
  • Organization of various tournaments and sports events.